Monday, 30 August 2010

One of series of Seaweed images for the home

The shapes, things or objects I drew were meant to be recognisable, or supposed to look like other things - not exact representations, or too close to reality. It is to do with how uniquely a person with dementia might recognize an image. It's not meant to be confusing - you could compare it to finding shapes in clouds. In this image some people would see a rock, a beach, some water and some seaweed - but to somebody else it might be something completely different. Dementia can make a person's reality quite abstract, so I think that to expect them to recognize things in the same way that they may have done in the past would be too strong an assumption - perhaps even a bit controlling or patronizing.
Married Couple
Football Shorts
Mother and Baby

Saturday, 2 January 2010

These are photographs of the dining room at the nursing home. I painted a series of murals over the whole room.

Dining Room Murals